Mexican Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot A Dirty Detail In Their Team's Jersey Release

Mexican team Mineros de Zacatecas is making the rounds online after some fans detected a peculiar and obscene object of art in the promotional photos of their new jerseys. 

Yes, you can chuckle: it is a penis. 

Penis in jersey release | Mineros de Zacatecas

The Liga de Expansion MX (second division in Mexico) team unveiled its new kits alongside local brand Spiro last week with a very urban campaign. 

A few players posed with the new home and away uniforms, using a beautiful mural behind them. However, nobody noticed – or wanted to notice – that the wall had been vandalized with the drawing of a penis, which appeared in glory and majesty next to the secondary jersey. 

Photographer, editor, community manager, etcétera. I have no idea how many filters and sets of eyes failed to see the image, letting it go raw to the public, where – of course – was immediately detected. 

Once the club was alerted, nobody felt scandalized. They didn't erase the photo, didn't apologize, and even suggested using the word "verga" (dick) and one of its multiple meanings to praise the cool designs. 

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