Watch 10 Minutes Of Sergio Ramos Trying To Kill Other Humans

Sergio Ramos is a crazy man. This is not a secret, but it takes a very special type of crazy to produce a 10-minute video of bad tackles and late challenges and elbows and the like. Ramos is nothing if not special.

In December, Ramos set the Spanish Primera Division record for red cards in a career after receiving his marching orders for the 19th time. This was not exactly a surprise. Ramos has earned 24 total red cards in his Real Madrid career, and has collected nearly 300 total bookings.

Ramos's most recent famous red card before breaking the record was his sending-off for a bad tackle against Lionel Messi in El Clasico in April, a match Barcelona won in dramatic fashion.

We can only watch and wait to see how Ramos will manage to get himself sent off next. Eventually he's going to get bored of regular sending-offs and start trying to top himself, each red card coming in more elaborate and spectacular fashion. Hopefully he can start incorporating props at some point. Imagine what he would do with one of the corner flags. No, wait, don't imagine that.

So, if you see Sergio Ramos on the street, don't look him in the eye. You never know what someone like that is liable to do.

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