Ronaldinho Displays God-Like Link-Up Play During Friendly In Honduras

R10 is out here contorting his body in mesmerizing ways for global peace.

He came, he saw, he conquered (in the name of global peace). Ronaldinho partook in a friendly match for peace in Honduras on Sunday, and the 37-year-old played a remarkable role in the buildup to one of his side’s goals. While his ability to get up and down the pitch is gone, his preposterous touch and sense of invention remains world-class.

It was a peaceful, all-conquering trip to Central America for the Great ‘Dinho, expect for when one crazy stole his classic over-sized beanie.

Get on up outta here with this sort of thievery — this was supposed to be a celebration of global armistice, but now you're gonna get your a** kicked!

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