Watch: Partizan Belgrade Fans Get Into Christmas Spirit By Pelting Assistant Referee With Snowballs

It’s quite cold and snowy in Serbia right now, a fact that hasn’t kept those in Belgrade from going outside. 

Thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Serbia’s capital on Saturday night despite immense snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Likewise, Partizan Belgrade fans were not going to stay away from Friday night’s SuperLiga match against Mačva Šabac. The fans didn’t complain about the cold like I would do or the Zenit social media account did earlier this week. 

Instead, the Partizan Belgrade fans took the approach of those at Yenisey Krasnoyarsk, who recently played a match in -13F temps

They had fun. 

At the assistant referee’s expense.

Late in the 0-0 draw, Partizan Belgrade fans pelted the poor assistant referee with dozens of snowballs as if it was some sort of school-yard ambush. 

The referee had to halt the match for a moment but the fans kept the assault going.

If only the referee had a microphone like in American football so he could tell the fans to stop throwing snowballs (not that it would have worked).

We just hope the snowball attack was all in fun and not a mean-spirited attempt to do real harm. Perhaps we should enjoy moments like these while we can before global warming does away with all the snowy fun.  

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