Zlatan Ibrahimovic Almost Went To Real Madrid To Spite Pep Guardiola

The PSG star's agent said Ibrahimovic almost joined Real Madrid after leaving Barcelona to exact the "perfect revenge" on Guardiola.

Flash back to 2009: Zlatan moves to Barcelona, plays one season, he and Pep Guardiola get pissed at each other, and Zlatan leaves. Zlatan goes to AC Milan, but Zlatan considered going somewhere else, somewhere no one at Barcelona would have forgiven him for going: Real Madrid, Barcelona's hated rival. And the best part: Zlatan just wanted to go there to piss off Guardiola. 

Let's just imagine the possibilities for a second. No offense to Karim Benzema, but Real Madrid with Zlatan as the target man instead of Karim is a terrifying proposition. And imagine the Clasico! A Clasico with Messi, Neymar, Suarez, Ronaldo AND Zlatan would break records for sheer entertainment. Can we still make this happen? What if Madrid rents Zlatan from PSG just for Clasicos? Can we get a Kickstarter campaign going for this?

Literally the only footballer we would believe this news about is Zlatan. Nobody else has that combination of spite and ego to even think about thinking about only going to a club because you want to tick off someone you are mad at (we're hesitant to call them "enemies" because this is football and nobody has enemies, except for maybe Sepp Blatter).

The worst part, though? Zlatan vs. Ronaldo couldv'e finally settled the score from this video, but we're still left speculating. "Who wins? I don't know." But we could have.