Cristiano Ronaldo Gives Kid The Most Amazing Surprise

This little kid gave the "homeless" Ronaldo a chance and what came out of it was the memory of a lifetime.

We love costumes and disguises here at The18. Especially when arguably the world's best player dresses up to fool fans into thinking they’re playing with Joe-Shmoe.

In comes the 2013 and 2014 Ballon d’Or winner. It happened about a month ago, but Cristiano Ronaldo dressed up as a your typical street performer on the streets of Madrid. Complete with a fat suit, a wig, a fake beard and mustache, Ronaldo messed around with a soccer ball in the Plaza de Callao with a little white dog. The Real Madrid superstar actually had a tough time getting any takers to play with him, but alas finally a kid stepped up to the challenge. What happens next is brilliant: 

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