Monterrey Player Does The Impossible 12 Seconds After Entering Game

According to medical professionals present at his birth, Edwin Cardona was born ready. He just proved it by scoring this game-winning golazo seconds after being subbed on.

Most players think about how to assimilate themselves into the game in the first few moments after being subbed on. You know, play a good pass or figure out who they need to mark. They typically won’t try anything too crazy because they don’t feel confident enough to do so just yet. Charlatans we say, all of them.

We do not care about “most players,” we care about the special ones, even if they are only special for a moment. These are players that shoot when they get the ball, because they are thinking about winning the game, not getting a feel for it. Edwin Cardona is one of these players. 

He was subbed on in the 89’ of Saturday’s Queretaro vs Monterrey match. With the score tied 1-1, did he play it safe? Did he hold himself back with such silly notions as “defensive responsibility” and “match management?” No, 12 seconds after entering the game, Edwin Cardona shot the ball.  

Cardona’s Monterrey would win 2-1. 

Are you watching, Ronaldinho? This used to be you. You used to be the king of grabbing the game by the balls, and now? Now you can’t even make Queretaro’s team sheet, and we are saluting a new champion.