Whose Volley Was Better: Antoine Griezmann's Or Sergio Escudero's?

Antoine Griezmann and Sergio Escudero both scored awesome goals as Sevilla took down Atletico Madrid in the Copa del Rey.

You can read about the Sevilla-Atletico Madrid Copa del Rey tie on just about any soccer website in existence, but it is only HERE AT THE18 that you can read a full breakdown on Sergio Escudero's first-minute volley goal vs. Antoine Griezmann's 13th-minute volley goal.



Pros: excellent team move, difficult finish, scored like 20 seconds into the dang game.

Cons: finish was not as rocket-y as it could have been.


Pros: nonchalantly scored off a slightly broken play, my goodness, that finish.

Cons: none really if we're being honest here. 

Verdict: Griezmann wins the battle but loses the war as his volley is named the greater of the two volleys but Atletico Madrid lose to Sevilla 3-1 in the game and 5-2 on aggregate. Cool goal though!

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