Terrifying Video Of Escalator Collapse Ahead Of Roma-CSKA UCL Match

There are reports of serious injuries after an escalator carrying soccer fans went haywire.

Rome was witness to a horrifying escalator malfunction ahead of the Champions League match between Roma and CSKA Moscow on Tuesday. 

While carrying fans headed to the match, an escalator at a metro station in Rome appears to have collapsed, sending riders careening to the bottom and a high velocity. Reports of serious injuries have already surfaced and the images are both terrifying and gruesome (so be warned). 

Here’s video of the escalator malfunction. You can see one escalator working normally while others fly by, creating a massive pile-up at the bottom. 

Reports of wounds, most leg injuries, have emerged from Italian media, with at least 10 badly hurt. The Express reported one man’s foot was partially amputated in the incident and some at the station thought there was a terrorist attack. Initial reports suggest CSKA fans were singing and jumping on the escalator, which caused it to collapse. 

Below are some of the images of the aftermath. 

This is all absolutely terrifying. We hope none of the injuries are too serious. 

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