USMNT Defender Fined By Club For Grabbing A Man's Crotch

Matt Miazga is a very promising young American center back who plays for Vitesse Arnhem in the Eredivisie, on loan from Chelsea. Because we are interested in the goings-on of American players across the pond, we though it was newsworthy when Miazga was suspended for grabbing an opposing player's private region.

The incident happened on January 20, against Heerenveen in a 1-1 draw. The player whose crotch Miazga grabbed is Heerenveen right back Denzel Dumfries, which sounds like a made-up name but we assure you is not.

Here's a video of the incident:

Dumfries was also elbowed by Vitesse forward Tim Matavz, who was suspended for four matches.

Vitesse Arnhem released a statement in the incidents (after Matavz's appeal was denied):

"First of all, we regret the commotion that has arisen. We have fined both Tim and Matt directly after the events because we do not fit the behavior they showed within the Fair Play concept of the club.

“However, we found the punishment Tim received was not given in proportion. That does not mean that we approve the incident, on the contrary, as the imposed fine proves. The penalty, however, is by no means consistent with suspensions imposed after similar incidents.

“That was the main reason to appeal against the verdict; a straight-line penalty. Perhaps we could have largely prevented the commotion by also communicating this immediately after imposing the fines.”

No word on how much Miazga was fined.

(H/T Goal)

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