Was There Ever Any Doubt This Was The UEFA Goal Of The Season?

In some respects, it was the goal that sparked Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Juventus. Now it’s been named the UEFA Goal of the Season 2017-18, and there was never really any doubt.

For all the goals scored by the likes of Liverpool, Barcelona and Manchester City in the Champions League, no goal quite compared to the Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick against Juventus

Ronaldo’s incredible shot was named the UEFA Goal of the Season 2017-18 on Tuesday in one of the more obvious awards choices you’ll ever see. 

Ronaldo has scored plenty of amazing goals throughout his career, but this might have been his best. It was a goal so magnificent the Juventus crowd in Turin applauded him. Ronaldo has said that display of respect was part of the reason he chose to move to the Italian club during the summer.

Ronaldo’s goal beat out a great play from Eva Navarro in the UEFA Women’s U-17 Championships and a wonderstrike from Dimitri Payet in the Europa League, not that either really had a chance against Ronaldo. 

It’s the second straight year the UEFA Goal of the Season came from a Juventus vs. Real Madrid matchup, with Mario Mandžukić’s goal against Los Blancos in the final of the 2017 tournament winning the honor a year ago. Prior to that, Lionel Messi won Goal of the Season in 2016 and 2015. 

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