There's A Bar Drinking For Every Neymar Flop; They Are All Dead

Neymar had a roll for the ages against Serbia. And the ref bought it.

There’s a bar that is giving out shots every time Neymar takes a dive. After the absurd Neymar roll against Serbia, they’re probably all dead now. 

For the second straight match, Neymar has made a fool of himself. Against Costa Rica he made this horrible dive. It inspired a bar in Rio de Janeiro to offer free drinks every time Neymar falls over. 

We cannot confirm, but we assume everyone at the bar is now dead from alcohol poisoning after this hilarious Neymar roll against Serbia on Wednesday.

Neymar is supposed to be the leader of Brazil, the star man expected to guide his team to World Cup glory. But in the 33rd minute of a scoreless match against Serbia, a match Brazil can’t afford to lose, Neymar was caught rolling around like he just jumped out of a speeding train.

Neymar Roll

wyd Neymar?

The sad part about the ludicrous Neymar roll is that it earned a yellow card for Serbia’s Adem Ljajic. 

It’s not the first time Neymar has pulled out the theatrics. As mentioned above, against Costa Rica he nearly conned the referee into giving Brazil a penalty, only for VAR to step in.

Nonetheless, Brazil took a 1-0 lead at halftime thanks to a goal from Paulinho, set up by a great pass from Philippe Coutinho.

Brazil won the match 2-0 to win the group and will play Mexico in the Round of 16. 

Joga feio.

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