Five Months Pregnant And Preseason Ready

For anyone that has ever made an excuse to not go to practice, well, Orlando Pride’s Sydney Leroux just set the standard on how strong women can be. 

After she announced her second pregnancy she continued to train and prepare for preseason as if there wasn’t a human growing inside of her. Who knew it was possible to have a full on six pack while carrying a child, but good looks for her baby girl, who is destined to come out with washboard abs. 

Not only is she basically doing the unthinkable, but Leroux has been receiving comments, specifically from men, on her decision to continue playing.

Being pregnant seems like a time to embrace eating junk food, binging Netflix shows and telling people to massage your feet, but Sydney Leroux is doing the complete opposite.

Although she is only cleared for non-contact practices, she is still showing her commitment and love for the game. Leroux is an inspiration for all woman to not let anything, even being pregnant, stop you from doing what you love.

If she can practice with her baby bump then your so-called cold shouldn’t stop you from attending practice. 

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