Someone Brought A "Wenger Out" Sign To Wrestlemania

It's funny because Wrestlemania is the least-likely place in the world for Arsene Wenger to show up.

Independent of this weekend's Arsenal Fan TV fireworks (or perhaps not, that would be fun), someone brought a "Wenger Out" sign to Wrestlemania.

You know what this means: soccer has finally made it in America! Woo!

The only thing better than this would be if real-life Arsene Wenger showed up at Wrestlemania. Can you imagine? Arsene Wenger, wearing a nice suit and maybe even a puffy coat, stoically looking on with that Arsene Wenger look he has while brawny men in sparkly tights hit each other with trash cans.

Somebody make this happen. It would be more entertaining than Wayne Rooney's wrestling appearance, I'm sure.

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