Ronaldinho’s Handpicked Street Football Team Will Destroy Any Competition

Ronaldinho’s Globe Street Team has challenged the world to withstand the might of their tekkers.

Like most things in Ronaldinho’s post-playing career, his handpicked Globe Street Team is a little confusing but extremely entertaining. It’s unclear why Ronaldinho has assembled four legends of street football into a team. The only information we’re provided with is a challenge directed to anybody and everybody out there. They want you to line up to get nutmegged. 

It’s a legitimate challenge — this is probably the greatest street team ever assembled. The intro video claims that Ronaldinho “searched the globe for the best street players”, but let's be honest, he didn't. He wasn't walking around rural Iowa in December looking for the next big street talent.

“I’ve always loved to dribble,” said Ronaldinho. “Here we are gonna do what we love the most, and for those who love the game. It’s all about skills and having fun playing football.”

So Ronaldinho has called in four of the biggest names around — they’ve had the art of the YouTube skillz, trickz and dubstep video down for years. They are Edward van Gils (Holland), Issy Hitman (Morocco), Randall do Rosario (Cape Verde) and Orry Promes (Suriname). 

If you haven’t seen any of them ball before, check out their individual highlights below. 


Edward van Gils (Holland) 

Issy Hitman (Morocco)

Randall do Rosario (Cape Verde) 

Orry Promes (Suriname) 

And here’s all four of them playing together. WARNING: TEKKERS

Like most Ronaldinho ventures, we now ask: well, what next? Who knows. If you want a piece of these guys, issue a challenge.

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