Ricardo Quaresma’s One-Man High Press Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong

If I were to tell you that I’ve got a new highlight from Ricardo Quaresma to share, your first guess, of course, should be a ridiculous trivela from outside the area. That’s not what this footage concerns, but here’s that trivela goal against Iran that sent Portugal to the Round of 16 last summer.

Your second guess should be a rabona assist, but that’s not what the 35-year-old did today either — although he does have eight assists in 13 Super Lig appearances this season. Regardless, here’s that rabona assist against Benfica in case you forgot.

No, what Quaresma did today is exactly what I do against the computer in FIFA 19 if it elects to complete more than three passes across its backline — I trigger a maniacal one-man press job and see red. And that's what Quaresma did in the 65th minute of Besiktas’ 1-0 loss to Malmo.

This stunning home defeat at Vodafone Arena actually sees Besiktas crash out of the Europa League while the Swedish side advances to the knockout phase. Not a smart red card for the veteran.

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