Parents File Lawsuit Against FIFA

FIFA joins the group of sports institutions sued regarding their protocol on concussions.

Parents to the rescue! As every other sport in the world has seen legal action due to concussions, FIFA can now be added to the list. A group of American parents filed a class action law suit to change how soccer’s governing body handles concussions. 

The plaintiffs seek no financial damages, and the lawsuit instead aims for a basic change to soccer’s rules to limit the amount of headers for a player - as well as increasing substitutions. 

Right now leagues allow up to three substitutions, and the suit asks for temporary substitutions while someone is examined for a concussion. In the youth circuit for children under 17, they believe kids should only head the ball a certain amount of times per week. 

Javier Mascherano was down on the ground following this headbutt where he looked severely injured. He returned to the game shortly and played in the Final four days later. (Photo:@soccerGods | Twitter)

The lawsuit is against six national and international soccer organizations that they believe mishandled concussion treatment at every level of play. The organizations involved are U.S. Soccer, American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO), U.S. Youth Soccer, U.S. Club Soccer, the California Youth Soccer Association and FIFA.

The NFL, NHL and NCAA are all involved in legal battles regarding brain injuries. According to this most recent legal action against FIFA, soccer players are among the athletes most susceptible to concussions behind only football and hockey.

According to Time, their were 50,000 high school soccer concussions in 2010 alone, which was more than baseball, basketball, softball and wrestling combined. 

That’s not surprising considering the amount of 50/50 balls in the air in soccer and the fact that you use your head in the game. Concussions are a serious injury that are now getting the attention they deserve and just like always, parents know best. Make the changes FIFA.