Defender Singlehandedly Wins UCL Qualifying Match

Outfield player scores a penalty kick, then heads into the goal to save two penalties - clinching his team a spot in the group stage of Champions League.

Something pretty legendary happened in Bulgaria today. This is one of the most clutch, ice cold performances we have seen in sports in a while. Let’s set the scene. 

Ludogorets, a Bulgarian club, was playing Romanian club Steaua Bucuresti in their second leg of Champions League with a spot in the group stage on the line. Ludogorets was down 1-0 on aggregate before finding an equalizer in the 89th minute of the match, forcing extra time. 

Just wait.

After a grueling 30 minutes in extra periods, neither side found the net forcing the match to penalties. But Ludogorets goalkeeper Vladislav Stoyanov was sent off in the 118th minute, leaving The Eagles without a keeper because they had used all of their substitutes. 

In comes Cosmin Moti, who was a former player at Dinamo Buceresti, the biggest rival of Steaua in Romania. The defender threw on some gloves and took over goalkeeping duties with everything on the line. 

But first, he decided he would be the first penalty taker for Ludogorets. The cold blooded Romanian buried the first with ease before saving TWO penalties to clinch Ludogorets a spot in the Champions League group stage! The stuff of legends.

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