We Still Can’t Get Over This Incredible Comeback In The Copa Libertadores

The Oriente Petrolero versus Universitario match in the Copa Libertadores first stage was an emotional rollercoaster. Peruvian side Universitario was facing a 0-2 disadvantage as they hosted Bolivian side Oriente Petrolero in the return leg — you may recall the rather unusual goal celebration that took place in the first leg after Gerardo Freitas scored the second goal for Oriente Petrolero.

The second leg took place in Lima and although trailing 0-2, local fans were feeling optimistic about Universitario's chances of making a come back and moving into the second stage.

Things were looking good for Universitario as they took an early first half lead in the match after a header by Aldo Corzo, cutting the aggregate deficit in half (1-2).

The first half ended and Universitario still needed to score at least one more goal to send the game into extra time. In the 60th minute, Oriente Petrolero's Paulo Rosales was given his second yellow card of the night and was therefore sent off.

Right after, Universitario scored the tie's equalizer after another header by Aldo Corzo (2-2).

In the 65th minute, Chávez scored the go-ahead third goal for Universitario (3-2).

The local side was wildly celebrating. The tables had firmly turned.

To make matters worse for the visitors, Oriente Petrolero's Yasmani Duk was sent off in the 70th minute, thus leaving his team with only nine men.

If anything, it looked like Universitario could increase their lead in the final stages of the match. However, Universitario failed to score an all-important fourth goal.

Oriente Petrolero was in need of a goal and had to incorporate all their players into the attack. In the 84th minute a desperate, lumped, seemingly inconsequential high ball flew through the air looking for someone, anyone.

This is what happened.

A terrible goalkeeping mistake resulted in a goal for Oriente Petrolero. Jorge Paredes sent the ball into the back of the net (3-3 on aggregate, Oriente Petrolero with the only away goal).

With the away goals rule playing to their advantage, the Bolivian side needed only to resist a few minutes to make it through to the next round.

And so they did.

Oriente Petrolero

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From winning 3-0 (3-2 on aggregate) against nine men in the 70th minute, Universitario Deportes went on to concede a catastrophic away goal and got dumped from South America's biggest club competition. Even Bolivian president Evo Morales congratulated Oriente Petrolero for what he defined as a "historic deed."

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