Neil Patrick Harris Dons Man City Gear, Cheers On Man United

America’s relationship with soccer has more steps backwards and forwards than a salsa dance. Christian Pulisic bursts on to the scene in 2016. Yay! The U.S. fails to qualify for the World Cup. Yikes. The collective knowledge of the sport increases with star-studded preseason tours and the MLS’s continued growth. Woo! Famous American actor commits one of the most cringe-worthy soccer crimes possible and films it. Oh no…

It could have been worse right? At least he got the English city right and didn’t proclaim his support for Barcelona?

The Neil Patrick Harris Manchester blunder came during City's International Champions Cup match against Liverpool, won 2-1 by the Reds on Wednesday.

Ah, it’s hard to excuse, no doubt. Surely, one of Ted’s “Eight Slaps” should be doled out to the “How I Met Your Mother” star for his football faux pas. As much it makes you want to aggressively put palm to face, it’s hard not to at least be somewhat endeared by the wholesomeness of the scene. Father and son excitedly attend their first ever soccer game. We can smile at the part.

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