Necaxa Won The Copa MX On A Very Silly Own Goal

A Toluca own goal from outside the box gave Necaxa the win and crowned them Copa MX champions.

After a really funny Santiago Garcia own goal and three red cards (Fernando Gonzalez, Pablo Barientos and Rubens Sambueza), Necaxa are officially Clausura Copa MX champions.

Toluca's Garcia is going to feel pretty badly about himself for a while after this own goal, but we're sure he'll get over it eventually. At least he kept the entertainment value at a high level. It was the only goal of the match.

If anyone has the number of a good therapist, please give it to Santiago Garcia.

At least Toluca can take solace in the fact that its leading Liga MX by a point after 14 games. Finishing first in the league is probably worth more than the Copa MX.

But Necaxa won the Copa MX.

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