MLS reportedly stepped in to deny Jesús Ferreira transfer to Russian club Spartak Moscow

The Athletic’s Tom Bogert has shared one of the craziest transfer stories in a long time. Major League Soccer reportedly denied a $13 million transfer between FC Dallas and Russian club Spartak Moscow for USMNT striker Jesús Ferreira.

It’s been reported that the 23-year-old striker wanted the move to play in Russia’s capital and FC Dallas were prepared to accept the offer from Spartak Moscow.

The U.S. league then intervened to kill the transfer due to risks of business between American and Russian entities. MLS is one of the only leagues in the world where all deals need to be approved by the league before being complete.

Jesús Ferreira Russia transfer

Russian soccer, club and international, has been essentially blackballed from the world following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in 2022. The clubs aren’t allowed to compete in UEFA competitions like the Champions League anymore and the men’s and women’s international teams are barred from any FIFA or UEFA tournaments.

Ferreira has been linked to a move to Europe, however few expected a Russian club to be one of his top destinations. 

Another concern fans brought up was the situation that took place with WNBA star Brittney Griner in 2022. Griner was competing in Russia’s basketball league and was arrested on smuggling charges after being found with cannabis oil.

U.S. officials were angered by this claiming she was wrongfully detained. Griner was sentenced to nine years in Russian prison and was only released due to a prisoner exchange between the U.S. and Russia.

Star American athletes in Russia don’t have a great track record in recent history.

It’s unclear what will happen next for Ferreira. He’s been wanted by clubs in Mexico and Europe and could still make a move away from Dallas before the winter transfer window closes.

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