Mike Ashley's Net Worth And Drinking Habits, Explained

After his business meeting lager habits were revealed in High Court, Mike Ashley explained that he is a binge drinker.

Newcastle United owner Mike Ashley has an estimated net worth of £2.2 billion, making him the 54th-richest person in the United Kingdom, according to the Sunday Times rich list.

He also is a bit of a drinker, per the Guardian:

“I like to get drunk, I’m a power drinker,” Ashley said. “My thing is not to drink regularly, it’s to binge drink. I’m trying to get drunk – will you accept that? I was drinking to get pissed and have a good night out.”

Ashley is referring here to comments made during High Court proceedings regarding his drinking during business meetings, specifically the time he challenged an associate to a drinking contest and vomited in a fireplace. (He won the contest.)

You may be wondering how this man amassed a £2.2 billion fortune and bought a soccer team. I know I am. His drinking habits are under examination because he is currently embroiled in a lawsuit regarding an alleged £15 million deal during a night of binge drinking, which Ashley claims not to remember. Most of Ashley's money is tied up in British retailer Sports Direct, which he owns just more than 60 percent of. Newcastle United also makes up a big part of his net worth.

Now, if you need me, I'll be building my fortune by napping under a table during meetings. Wake me up when I'm a billionaire.