Mark Clattenburg Is Leaving The EPL For Saudi Arabia

English referee Mark Clattenburg, who oversaw 2016's Euro and Champions League finals, will replace Howard Webb as the Saudi Arabian FA's head of refereeing.

Mark Clattenburg, England's most famous referee, is leaving England to become the head of refereeing for the Saudi Arabian FA, where he will replace his countryman Howard Webb.

Clattenburg will be remembered for being a pretty good referee, England's go-to man for big matches and also UEFA's go-to man, possibly because no English teams seem to play in big European matches anymore (ha ha! I jest). Mostly, though, Clattenburg will be remembered for doing a weird tongue thing while an Atletico Madrid player was writhing on the ground in the 2016 Champions League final.

We can replace a referee. We're going to have a devil of a time replacing THAT.

(H/T The Guardian)

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