Landon Donovan Completes First Leon Training Session

So this is going to be a real thing, huh?

So Landon Donovan's really doing this thing, huh? If you didn't believe it after his big unveiling at Leon, believe it now. Landon Donovan has taken part in a Leon training session and there are photos to prove it.

So it's officially real, yes? It still doesn't feel totally, completely real but maybe we are in denial. It will be interesting to see how soon Donovan is ready to play and how long he plays before retiring again. Does he have more than one season in him? He didn't last time, only making six appearances for the LA Galaxy.

Donovan has scored 195 goals in his club career so far in Germany, England and the United States. He is the US Men's National Team's all-time leading scorer (tied with Clint Dempsey) with 57 goals. This is his second stint coming out of retirement.

In any case, the man who the MLS MVP award is named after now plays in Liga MX.

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