Ike Opara Scored A Bicycle Kick No Center Back Has Any Right To Try

Ike Opara can't even believe what he's about to do. His face is all scrunched up in a surprised sort of way, the way one looks at the moment of realization that one is about to do something spectacular. And spectacular is the word for what Ike Opara did. The Sporting Kansas City center back will almost certainly lord this goal over all the other center backs for all of time. He will rub it in their faces, when center backs get together.

If you see Ike Opara, and he appears to be extremely feeling himself, this is why. Good lord.

That goal proved the difference, as Sporting Kansas City beat LA Galaxy 2-1. Other center backs must be shaking with jealousy, particularly Jelle Van Damme and David Romney, who have to face the embarrassment of having a worldie scored on them by one of their contemporaries. Romney scored LA's lone goal, but it was not nearly as cool as Opara's.

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