Amazing Goal From 19-Year-Old Ianis Hagi Shows Blatant Disregard For Shooting Angles

Georghe Hagi had a knack of scoring from anywhere on the pitch. Like Steph Curry, give him a few feet and he could launch a shot from anywhere inside his own half — and usually score. Now the Romanian legend’s 19-year-old son is doing the same with Fiorentina, which beat Chievo Verona 3-2 in a youth match thanks to an unlikely Ianis Hagi goal. 

Georghe Hagi was one of the greatest No. 10s of his era, scoring more than 250 goals in a club career that spanned from 1982 to 2001, including stints at both Real Madrid and Barcelona. He’s tied for first in career goals and second in caps for the Romanian national team. And unlike the top goal scorers of today (Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo), Georghe Hagi could score with either foot. 

In 2000, at the age of 35 while playing for Galatasaray against Monaco in the Champions League group stage, Georghe Hagi blasted this stunner from well beyond the three-point arc.

The goal wasn’t an outlier for the man named Romanian Footballer of the Year seven times. He scored many brilliant goals from angles most people would never even think to shoot from. Even a video game wouldn’t let you score from where Georghe Hagi unleashed some of his goals, including the final strike in the compilation below scored in a 3-1 victory against Colombia at the 1994 World Cup. 

Georghe Hagi, who always looked like that older guy at the rec center who you're positive you can beat but instead just destroys you, went on to be named to the team of the tournament at the ’94 World Cup, scoring four goals as Romania reached the quarterfinals before bowing out to Sweden in a shootout. His next biggest contribution to the game came when he fathered Ianis Hagi, who was born in 1998. 

Ianis Hagi goal

Georghe Hagi for Romania at the 1994 World Cup. Photo: @Escueladefut_DF | Twitter

Now 19, Ianis Hagi is with Fiorentina, one of a number of young Serie A players with more famous fathers. While he’s yet to really break into the first team, he gave a little glimpse of what he can do during a youth match against Chievo Verona on Sunday.

In the 21st minute, Ianis Hagi received the ball on the right edge of the 18-yard box. He made a nonchalant step-over move to create a little space and cut down his angle on goal, seemingly giving him only the option to cross. Instead, he channeled his father and took aim. Just like dear old dad, he found the back of the net for the first goal of the match (and the first highlight in the video below).

Both Hagis apparently give little to no shits about where they are on a pitch — give them space and they’ll score from anywhere. This Ianis Hagi goal just goes to show fearlessness is hereditary. 

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