Google Maps Reveals Argentine Club Have Been Playing On A Wonky Pitch For 30 Years

Since 1987, Argentina side Club Social y Deportivo Liniers have been playing their home matches at “The Bulldozer”, just outside of Buenos Aires. For nearly 30 years they’ve been playing on a crooked, wonky pitch that features one half that’s much shorter than the other.

Google Maps images clearly revealed something not quite right about the pitch, and the Argentina Football Association (AFA) is now threatening the club with closure should they not rectify the field’s blemishes.

The AFA traveled to the stadium and measured its dimensions, revealing that one side’s goal line was almost seven yards more than the other. 

“The field always worked without a problem,” said Liniers’ club president Marcelo Gomez. “We knew that it’s something we needed to fix one day, but this order just came all of a sudden.”

According to vice president Miguel Narvaez, the pitch’s incorrect dimensions can be traced back to 1984-85, when the club began working on the plot of land upon which “The Bulldozer” stands. 

“They began the works, they laid the pitch, and at that time there were no lasers. They pulled the string line and it seems they did it a bit crooked. Now we are now working to fix that.”

The club have until December 15th to normalize their ground and ensure that players hugging the touchline no longer feel as if they’re losing their minds. 

(H/T: World Soccer)

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