With Bans For Diving And Faking Injury Coming, Enjoy The Last And Worst Of Them All

If Hungary implements retroactive bans for faking injury, Danko Lazovic should be banned for life.

With most domestic leagues moving towards the use of video evidence to retroactively ban players for simulation and feigning injury, and with the gradual implementation of Video Assistant Referees to stamp out the behavior altogether, football's greatest evil is heading out the door.

However, it’s literally leaving kicking and screaming like a petulant two-year-old that’s been denied viewing one more train on YouTube. The latest, and perhaps greatest, has come from 34-year-old former Serbian international Danko Lazovic in the Hungarian league.

If I’m going to preface what you’re about to see, I’d just tell you that the Key & Peele skit showing a footballer achieve death by virtue of his flop has got absolutely nothing on Lazovic. Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, two of the funniest and most imaginative people on the planet, couldn't even come close to matching the mind of Danko Lazovic.


Brace yourself, you're going to want to stop watching football and devote all your passion to croquet instead after seeing this.

Danko Lazovic, just retire. The time for you and your ilk is at an end. Thanks for trying to destroy football for everyone, but we’re now going to cast you from your moment in the sun into eternal shadow with the use of instant replay technology. Good f***ing riddance.

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