Distraught Cristiano Ronaldo Sent Off 29 Minutes Into Juventus UCL Debut

An off-the-ball incident resulted in a straight red card to Ronaldo during Juve’s match against Valencia.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Champions League debut with Juventus lasted all of 29 minutes at Valencia’s Mestalla stadium. With Juventus in possession of the ball out wide in Valencia’s third, Ronaldo made a run into the box before play was stopped with both Valencia and Juventus players remonstrating and gesticulating wildly. 

After a short break, German referee Felix Brych consulted the official behind the goal, and he looked adamant that Ronaldo deserved to be sent off for his actions. Brych duly obliged while Ronaldo went hysterical.  

Ronaldo's debut was going decently enough up until this point. He mis-hit a volley that could've easily turned into an assist had Mario Mandzukic controlled his volley. He was also involved in a move that should've finished with a Sami Khedira goal, but the German somehow put his shot over from close range.

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