Chivas Wins The Copa MX, Is Actually Good Now

Chivas' victory over Morelia in the Copa MX final signals the start of a new era in Guadalajara.

Last night Chivas defeated Monarcas de Morelia in a penalty shootout in the Copa MX final.

Highlights of the shootout are below. Come for the penalty shootout, stay for the goalkeeper shenanigans from Miguel Jimenez and Sebastian Sosa. Sosa in particular is hilarious, if mostly ineffective.

This raises an interesting question: could Chivas actually be good now? The last few years have seen the Guadalajara side mired in mediocrity, but their Copa MX run has revealed a lively attack and an organized defense. Alan Pulido is a difference-maker. Liga MX is the most fun when Chivas and Club America are good and hate each other. A return to the top for Chivas would be a very good thing, and they look to be well on their way.

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