Chicharito Nets His 50th Goal For Mexico With A 'Chichagaso'

Javier 'Chicharito' Hernandez has scored a lot of goals. But a lot of times it never looks that pretty. The haters say it's lucky, but the true fans simply know them as Chichagaso's.

America’s team! Boy oh boy, Mexico is cooking at the 2018 World Cup. After a massive victory over Germany, Mexico controlled the game vs South Korea and did what good teams do: They capitalized when it matters most.

Being up just one is never comfortable, especially in a World Cup. But Javier Chicharito executed a great cut back off a Chucky Lozano pass and then shinned home his 50th goal in a Mexico shirt.

Yep. That’s the "Little Pea" scoring with his shin to give Mexico a 2-0 lead. Jorge Perez-Navarro called it a “Chichagaso,” which alludes to Chicharito’s ability to finish but not in the most, uh, pretty of ways. But hey! A goal is a goal. Perez-Navarro’s partner in the booth, Mariano Trujillo, was not pleased with the assessment as their ridiculous on air relationship is probably one of my new favorite things about this World Cup. From here on out will refer to every Chicharito goal as a Chichagaso.

The Chicharito goal vs South Korea was his 50th for Mexico, extending his record as El Tri's all-time leading scorer, now four ahead of Jared Borgetti. 

Hangover? Let down? Playing down to their competition? Nope! Mexico nixed all of those narratives. This team is in prime position to not only advance to the Round of 16, but to win the group. This team is looking poised to finally reach the allusive "quinto partido."

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