Cameron Carter-Vickers Will Be Very Good Despite Being Thrown To The Wolves In EFL Cup

Cameron Carter-Vickers, an 18-year-old American center back, made his second appearance for Tottenham Tuesday. It did not go well. His debut came in the EFL Cup against Gillingham and he played well in a win. Tuesday, though, the likes of Gillingham were nowhere to be seen. Tottenham played Liverpool.

Mauricio Pochettino continued the time-honored tradition of playing his second-string in the EFL Cup because who cares it's the EFL Cup, so Carter-Vickers got the nod. 

Liverpool also trotted out a fairly inexperienced side except for, um, the strikers.

Liverpool came out in a 4-4-2 with Divock Origi, who started for Belgium against the USA in the 2014 World Cup as a 19-year-old, as one of the forwards.


And the other forward was, uh, this guy:

And that guy did some stuff.

Two stuffs, actually.

Carter-Vickers didn't cover himself in glory, but he didn't, like, trip over his own shoelaces or anything. He looked very much like an 18-year-old making his second senior appearance for Tottenham. Chances are, he's never had to face strikers as good as Origi and Sturridge in a real match before, and he did OK considering the circumstances. We still think he has a bright future.

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