Portland Timbers Player Gets In Crash, Calls Teammate For Help, They Both Get Arrested

Liam Ridgewell and Jake Gleeson both got arrested for drunk driving Monday night because teamwork makes the dream work.

Two Portland Timbers performed teamwork in maybe the worst way possible Monday. Goalkeeper Jake Gleeson crashed his BMW into the back of another car and called his teammate, team captain Liam Ridgewell (hey, what are captains for?) to come help him.

This seems like normal teammate behavior until you learn they the pair were reportedly both drunk and were arrested for Driving Under the Influence of Intoxicants (DUII).

From The Oregonian:

"It was a BMW emergency services that reported the crash to us," Hamann said, referring to an in-car emergency alert system. Officers responded and found Gleeson's BMW sustained front-end damage with its airbag deployed after what appeared to be a crash into the rear of another car, he said.

"He had also apparently called a friend to come pick him up, and that was Ridgewell," Hamann said. After field sobriety tests were finished, officers determined both athletes were impaired, he said.

Most of the time, you should help your teammates. Sometimes, though, you should just leave them to clean up their own messes. Particularly if you're drunk.

You shouldn't drink and drive. Drinking and driving is bad. The fact that the players were drunk the day after the Timbers were eliminated from the MLS playoffs is fair enough, but don't get in a car.


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