Brazilian Player Hilariously Fails To Make Lift Off In Ill-Conceived Celebration

André Luis apparently skipped leg day at the gym and paid for it after scoring a simple goal.

Leg day is important. Sure, maybe you think the ladies will love you for your huge biceps or washboard abs, but don’t forget about the lower half of your body. 

André Luis appears to have made that mistake. The Brazilian soccer player scored a simple goal on Tuesday but failed miserably on the celebration.

Let’s hope that celebration makes it into FIFA 18. 


What kind of professional athlete can’t jump higher than six inches? My grandmother can jump higher than that and she’s dead. Yes, this was Brasileirão Série B, but it’s still professional football in Brazil. Perhaps André Luis was working out with fellow countryman Anderson Silva.

In hindsight, André Luis probably wishes he hadn’t scored. The Santa Cruz FC player opened the scoring against Criciúma in the 29th minute, but the goal was for naught in a 2-1 loss. To make matters worse, André Luis’s strike partner up front is Halef Pitbull, presumably the brother of Pitbull, meaning the team had to listen to this crap in the locker room after the match.

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