Andorra Ended A 58-Match Losing Streak With An Epic Draw vs. The Faroe Islands

Andorra and the Faroe Islands battled to an epic 0-0 draw, Andorra's first non-loss since a 2005 0-0 draw with Finland.

The two most successful international matches in Andorra's recent history were a 0-0 draw with Finland in 2005 and a 0-0 draw with the Faroe Islands Saturday. In between, they lost 58 games in a row.

Andorra's population is roughly 80,000, and the stadium in which the Faroe Islands match was played, the Esatdi Nacional, holds just over 3,000.

Here are some highlights from the Faroe Islands match. I don't know why I'm showing them to you, or why you would want to watch them, but here they are.

I am happy for Andorra. Ending a 58-match losing streak is a big deal and I hope they threw a party or something. Next time, though, I hope they get a goal.

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