Adam Lallana Lost The Plot And Attacked A Tottenham U-23 Player

Adam Lallana got a man-bun and now he thinks he's a Samurai warrior.

Liverpool midfielder Adam Lallana played for the Reds' U-23 squad against Tottenham Hotspur on Monday while rehabbing an injury. There is no good way to say this: He jumped on a Spurs player's back and tried to choke him.

Even though Lallana isn't known for this sort of thing, this is still really bad. We at The18 would like to go on record as being against choking people during soccer games.

Lallana was sent off (obviously), but probably won't face a first-team ban from the FA for the incident. Liverpool could still handle that matter internally, though.

Lallana is 29 years old, a full England international, a former club captain (for Southampton) and a Liverpool first-team fixture. He of all people should know better than to pull some nonsense like this, especially in a U-23 match (the Tottenham player, George Marsh, is 19 years old).

If you ask me, Lallana needs to stay down with the Liverpool U-23s for a while. He's clearly not mature enough to handle first team action yet.

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