AC Milan vs. Torino Was Overshadowed By The Thing On Joe Hart's Head

A good Coppa Italia match between two of the better teams in Italy was made much more entertaining when Joe Hart got kicked in the head and had to put on a silly hat.

The Coppa Italia round of 16 match between AC Milan and Torino was interesting but not overly so until early in the second half when Torino keeper Joe Hart got kicked in the face.

Here's the video:

Hart went down and stayed down, but eventually he was able to rejoin the game. Oh, and he was wearing this:

That made the game so much better. Torino were up 1-0 when Hart went down, but they gave up two goals soon after play resumed. The match ended 2-1 to AC Milan.

The scoreline, ultimately, was not the most important thing that came out of the game. The most important thing was Joe Hart putting a silly thing on his head.

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