Soccer Things We Need Verrit To Verify

Verrit is a verification start-up for verifying news stories. It is needlessly complicated, but we hope it can provide some answers for our soccer questions.

This weekend "Verrit" was unleashed on the Internet. Founded and run by Hillary Clinton supporters, Verrit is taking aim at the whole "fake news" thing they contend lost Clinton the 2016 Presidential Election. It is dumb.

From Gizmodo:

Verrit’s underlying concept is simple: Users are able to package quotes, factoids and other bits of text into easily shareable social media cards. The cards come with a seven-digit authentication code which can be verified on the website, supposedly ensuring social media users will be able to check to see the information contained within is accurate.

Even if Verrit is clunky, perhaps it can be put to good use by verifying some soccer things for us.

Questions like:

Who was Dele Alli actually flipping off?

Is this Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain quote real or made up?

Is Messi going to leave Barcelona?

What kind of dirt does Dejan Lovren have on Jurgen Klopp?

Why does Chris Wondolowski keep getting USMNT call-ups?


What really led to Zlatan and Pep Guardiola falling out at Barcelona?

Did Liverpool really offer Coutinho to Barcelona for $240 million?

Is Alberto Moreno really the secret lovechild of Steven Gerrard and Xabi Alonso?

Is Antonio Conte a hit man?

Is VAR actually effective?

Which is better for corner kicks: zonal marking or man-marking?

What are "expected goals"?

What are "key passes"?

Arsene Wenger: in or out?

In an uncertain media environment, it's important to verify as much information as possible. That is presumably why Verrit exists, so we would like some answers please.

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