Antonio Conte Is Going To Have Diego Costa Assassinated

Chelsea striker Diego Costa is trying really hard to force a move to Atletico Madrid. Antonio Conte is extremely amused.

I have already discussed the notion that Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is a hit man, and soon the whole world might get the proof it needs to accept this idea.

Here's Conte when asked about striker Diego Costa, who is currently pining as hard as he can for a move to Atletico Madrid, so much so that instead of flying from Brazil to Chelsea to report for training like he was told, he got on a plane to Madrid instead.

You see that maniacal laughter? Underneath that whimsical exterior is a man who is thinking of ways to mobilize assets in Brazil and Madrid and neutralize the target. You already know how this plays out: Costa drunk in a run-down motel while Costa and his wet-work crew close in. 

Fortunately, Costa has hope in the form of Diego Simeone, the Atletico Madrid manager, who is also (see the above link regarding Antonio Conte being a hit man) definitely a hit man.

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