Antonio Conte And Diego Simeone Are Definitely Hit Men

We're on to you, Antonio Conte and Diego Simeone.

Given they are for the most part exceedingly well-dressed, fit and generally cosmopolitan, most football managers (except for Louis van Gaal) could pass for hit men. Both groups tend to wear very nice suits and brood a lot.

Two football managers, though, rise above the rest in looking like they should be chasing Jason Bourne through a train station, and those two are Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and Atletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone.

What I'm saying is Antonio Conte and Diego Simeone are definitely assassins, and on their off days definitely roam about the globe chasing shady people whose times are up, and then retiring to a dark, smoky bar to await their next assignment or gameplan against teams that olay a 4-2-3-1, whichever is more pressing.

I bet they're even a team. You always need someone to watch your back when you're a hit man. I have seen enough action movies to know that nothing ever goes well when a hit man goes into an assignment alone.

Antonio Conte has already admitted he wouldn't have a problem killing a person. I think that comes from personal experience.

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