Introducing Serie A Fantasy Quidditch

If you want to play fantasy football but you don't want to be bothered with doing stuff, this is for you.

For those familiar with the wizarding sport of Quidditch, you’ll know that teams inconsequentially spend long periods of time throwing the Quaffle through goal hoops for the pittance of 10 points. This is all entirely meaningless because during this time, the seeker is attempting to catch the Golden Snitch, ending the game and giving his side 150 points.

With this as our inspiration, let us introduce The18’s 2017-18 Serie A Fantasy Quidditch. Here’s how it works: you can go ahead and do a draft and build a lineup of players or whatever. You can add 10 points whenever Gonzalo Higuain or whoever scores a goal or when Gianluigi Donnarumma keeps a clean sheet. That's your cross to bear.

But here’s the important part. Whoever wants to join your Serie A Fantasy Quidditch league has to partake in the Golden Snitch round of the draft. Here, you’ll take turns selecting these specific events. For every one of these moments in your arsenal that comes to fruition, award yourself an additional 150 points. These are the milestones to really keep an eye out for in the upcoming Italian season, like when Harry Potter captured his first golden snitch by swallowing it and then spewing it out. You're a right foul git, Harry!


Serie A Fantasy Quidditch | Golden Snitch Round 

Francesco Totti comes out of retirement

Antonio Cassano comes out of retirement

A massive scandal rocks Italian football in a World Cup year

Juventus aren’t top of the table at the end of September…

  • October…
  • November…
  • December…
  • January…
  • February…
  • March…
  • April…
  • May…

AC Milan win Serie A

Leonardo Bonucci scores against Juventus

AC Milan fail to qualify for the Champions League

Vincenzo Montella is sacked

Antonio Conte sacked as Chelsea manager, hired as AC Milan manager

Mino Raiola is sentenced to prison

Napoli win Serie A

Napoli score 100+ goals

Roma win Serie A

Roma get approval to go ahead with their new stadium

Juventus win the Champions League

Gianluigi Buffon retires

Paulo Dybala is named Serie A Footballer of the Year

Inter qualify for the Champions League

Lazio manager Simone Inzaghi moves to the Premier League

Andre Silva wins the Capocannoniere (Golden Boot)

Andrea Belotti wins the Capocannoniere 

Atalanta win the Europa League

Venezia FC earn promotion to Serie A

Fabio Quagliarella scores the goal of the season

Domenico Berardi gets a red card

Papu Gomez scores 15+ 

Benevento Calcio survive

Gonzalo Higuain fails to make Argentina’s World Cup squad

Mauro Icardi makes Argentina’s World Cup squad

Italy win the World Cup

As you can see, some of these picks will still be applicable after the Serie A season has finished (and some have nothing to do with Serie A), but that’s just the way Serie A Fantasy Quidditch works. So make sure to write your selections down, keep them somewhere safe and have fun flying around on that Nimbus 3000 of yours.

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