Synchronized Dive In The USL Is Here To Get You Through Hump Day

I don’t know about you, but we like our United Soccer League action rowdy. We like the Las Vegas Lights, bangers from Efrain Alvarez and the plethora of ridiculous goals that were overlooked because the World Cup was going on. This past weekend, Reno 1868 hosted Saint Louis FC in a match that was just perfect for our tastes.

Reno’s Eric Calvillo received a yellow in the 11th minute and then another in the 15th. His side now faced 75 minutes of action with 10 men, but Reno somehow managed to grab the opener just before the halftime whistle. 

Unfortunately for the 10-man side, a German player named Wal Fall scored a penalty in the 74th minute to equalize, and then St. Louis grabbed a winner in the 93rd. We love it. 

Saint Louis won the war, but one of the lasting images of this match will be the battle between Reno’s Antoine Hoppenot and St. Louis’ Kyle Culbertson. Check it out below. 

Which friends come to mind...

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There’s so much to like here: the mating ritual most commonly seen in male frigatebirds (puffed-up chest and striding towards the mate), the synchronization of pure agony and, perhaps the best part, Hoppenot springing to his feet to tell his partner to get up!

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