The World Cup Is All-Consuming, So You’ve Missed Some Club Bangers This Past Week

We get it. The World Cup is eight-straight hours a day of otherworldly goodness that you dare not miss. We’re not asking you to watch anything else (we also know that you’ve got to carve out some time to eat, sleep and potentially bathe in your life), but we’ve witnessed some bangers in the U.S. Open Cup, NWSL and USL over the past week that’ve been hugely overlooked because of the world’s greatest sporting event.

Here’s a little roundup of seven sensational goals that’ve been buried deep in the news cycle by the blitz of footie action over in Russia.

#1. Jason Johnson (Phoenix Rising)

#2. Brittany Ratcliffe (Utah Royals)

#3. Yohan Crozier (Sporting Kansas City)

#4. Joey Calistri (Saint Louis FC)  

#5. Emmanuel Ledesma (FC Cincinnati)

#6. Rachel Hill (Orlando Pride)

#7. Paul Arriola (DC United)

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