Watch Samuel Eto’o Score And Know That Time Is A Flat Circle

36-year-old Samuel Eto’o did a goal for Antalyaspor over the weekend, the bajillionth of his eternal career.

“Your whole life, like a sandglass, will always be reversed and will ever run out again, — a long minute of time will elapse until all those conditions out of which you were evolved return in the wheel of the cosmic process. And then you will find every pain and every pleasure, every friend and every enemy, every hope and every error, every blade of grass and every ray of sunshine once more, and the whole fabric of things which make up your life.”

So said 19th century German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche when discussing the eternal recurrence of Samuel Eto’o’s playing career, most notably in his ability to score goals across infinite time and space. 

Whether he’s a 12-year-old at Kadji Sports Academy in Cameroon, a 17-year-old with Leganes in Spain, a 24-year-old with Barcelona in Catalonia, a 29-year-old with Inter Milan in Italy, a 31-year-old with Anzhi Makhachkala in Russia, a 33-year-old with Chelsea in England or a 36-year-old with Antalyaspor in Turkey, Eto’o has proven the repetitive nature of existence time and time again.

On Friday, Eto’o scored his third league goal in nine appearances for Antalyaspor this season. Yes, it was from an inch out, but I’d like to see you score goals in Europe’s 10th most difficult league while going on your 37th birthday. 


And here’s Eto’o speaking with former teammate Lionel Messi at FIFA’s The Best of The Bestest Out There award gala, because this’ll give you all the feels.

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