Robert Lewandowski Has Thrown In The Towel And Gone Gray

Everyone ages. Aging is a necessary consequence of being alive, and should be accepted. That said, entire industries are propped up by folks looking to avoid aging. Footballers, with their combination of being rich, in the public eye all the time and having so many people fawn over them they inevitably become vain, are some of the most common indulgers in these industries.

That's why it was nice to see Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski doing the exact opposite. Instead of dyeing his hair brown to hide emerging grays, Lewandowski has dyed his hair gray so you don't know if any individual gray is natural or artificial. Crafty. 

He looks so distinguished! Like a cool college professor, or a classical musician.

Sometimes you need to change something 

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Robert Lewandowski is not raging against the dying of the light. He is going gracefully into old age, like Meryl Streep. He has accepted the inevitable facts of life. He is at peace with his own mortality. We should all be so lucky.

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