Cape Verde's Goalkeeper Tried To Do A Cruyff Turn, But Turned Himself Inside-Out Instead

Neither Burkina Faso nor Cape Verde Islands had a chance of qualifying for Russia 2018 after Senegal wrapped up their group earlier this international break, so their World Cup qualifier Tuesday was really more of a glorified friendly. That's a good thing for Cape Verde's goalkeeper, who produced a pretty interesting howler in first half extra time to give Burkina Faso their first of four goals.

Whenever goalkeepers roll the dice on the old Cruyff turn inside their own areas, there's an element of risk. If they're successful, it looks cool but doesn't really do much in terms of putting the team in a better position. If they come up empty, though, they are almost certainly getting scored on. So: a high-risk, low-reward proposition. But that's what we watch. Something silly might happen.

Something silly did happen, and we can't help but feel for Cape Verde's goalkeeper, who did his best to atone for his mistake but was unable, and Cape Verde just fell apart from there. That said, we hope he keeps trying Cruyff turns. If at first you don't succeed, etc.

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