Reactions To England Loss Show A Nation Inspired By Team’s Newfound Togetherness

Dear Internet, we get it. It's not coming home. Thank you for the millionth time — still fared better than Germany and Brazil though.

Dreams have been squandered, tears have been shed and football isn’t coming home, but the heroes will soon. Gareth Southgate and the Three Lions will return home empty-handed but wholehearted.

Her Majesty’s boys didn’t bring it home, but what is "it" exactly? Could it possibly be the English passion that we haven’t seen since Paul Gascoigne’s tears in the 1990 World Cup semifinal against West Germany, a passion that's now revived? I believe so, and the reactions of prominent English personalities suggest a reborn hunger for glory. Perhaps what we saw with Southgate was just a warm-up.

Nonetheless, Croatia deservingly won and reached the final. It would be absolutely refreshing if Croatia does actually win this World Cup, becoming the newest entry to the monopolizing list of victors. Yes, Brazil, we understand you have five World Cups — that is just so great. If only you now had a five star team.  

Here’s a list of some heart-warming reactions to England’s loss. Pure class if you ask me.

Reactions To England Loss

Former Manchester United wonder boy Wayne Rooney had this to say.

Gary Lineker, always with the borderline tear-jerking commentary.

Some say the handler of England’s Twitter got a pay raise after this one.

Arsenal favorite and BBC pundit Ian Wright got a say as well.

Mercedes’ Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton felt "it" too.

As we all know, the British and Irish have a particular sense of humor, a humor which relies on problematic, snarky nonchalance, and some were absolutely relentless with this one:

“Well done Croatia, you’ve done Scotland, Ireland and Wales proud.”

Fan-made humor and memes don't stop with jeering at one’s own country, as this Tolkien-inspired video aimed at reviving England’s hope for future international tournaments attests.

So put the waistcoats back in the closet, people…until 2020 comes running down the mountain. Unless you cheer for other teams, because there are teams other than Brazil, Germany and France, right? Casuals…

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