Quiz: Which World Cup Team Should I Support In 2018?

The U.S. is not going to the World Cup and that is very sad and not at all cool. That said, one must still watch the World Cup. It's the dang World Cup, after all. But what team should one root for while watching the World Cup? One must have a rooting interest in order to properly enjoy the tournament. Objectivity is not only boring as hell but also impossible, many journalism professors would tell you.

Do you want a flashy favorite? A plucky underdog? A fun outsider? A trendy hipster pick? England? You may not have all the answers but we here at The18, masters of all things snackable soccer content, have all the answers you could ever hope for, regarding which World Cup team y'all should hitch y'all's wagons to.

So. Take this quiz. Do it do it do it. It's a fun way to spend a few minutes when you could and indeed should be doing something more important.

Which World Cup Team Should I Support?

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