Twitter Does Not Speak Fondly Of Peru Coach Ricardo Gareca, Or Is That Steven Tyler

Consider Peru coach Ricardo Gareca the foil to Morocco coach Hervé Renard. As much as Twitter loved Renard on Friday, the lovely people of the internet were not so kind to Gareca on Saturday.

Renard was the lone bright spot for his country in a disappointing 1-0 loss to Iran on Friday, winning fans over across the globe with his undeniably good looks

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But for as much as Twitter heralded the Morocco coach, the Peru coach was ripped apart for his appearance.

Peru was playing in its first World Cup match since 1982. The Peruvian fans were amazing, perhaps usurping Iceland for the most entertaining fan base.

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But all Twitter wanted to talk about was the Peru coach. It didn’t help when Fox announcer Jorge Perez Navarro said Gareca looks like Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler.

Unfortunately for the Peru coach, the comments didn’t stop at Steven Tyler comparisons.

If Peru coach Ricardo Gareca goes on Twitter after the match today, this will probably be his reaction.

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